Baby Tea Party by Earlyears

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“Baby Tea Party” by Earlyears is a fuzzy 6 piece set for baby’s first exploratory tea party. Full of varied textures, colors and sounds, each piece has a friendly face to invite investigation. With a teapot that sings, “I’m A Little Teapot,” two cups with the tea bag string hanging out, a croissant and a cupcake, this set provides lots to talk about and feed important language learning. Clearly the cupcake was a favorite as kids opened and shut the Velcro top to reveal a mirror  to play a little peek-a-boo with themselves. All the careful details provide things for Mom or Dad to describe for their baby–the satin pink frosting, sprinkles, cherry and a leaf on the top and brown corduroy cupcake liner. Don’t put this toy away when your baby gets older because this set is a load of fun for pretend play for the toddler set.

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