Just Say BOO! by Susan Hood and Jed Henry

Kids were drawn into this delightfully spooky tale with the anticipation of yelling, “BOO” at each scary situation as the page is turned. “If  ghosts in the trees wibble-wobble your knees,”” a skeleton groans as she rattles her bones,” or “a smug ugly bug tries to give Mom a hug,” don’t worry, just face those Halloween fears with a Boo back at them! Author Susan Hood sets a rhythmic rhyming pace that has everyone bouncing to the literary beat, oblivious to the fact that this is supposed to be scary. A refreshing Halloween story, “Just Say Boo” is fine for all ages and thankfully skips the usual frightening themes, using a howling dog, whirling wind, shriveled leaves or jack-o-lantern’s flickering grin to throw the little trick-or-treaters off guard. Halloween is a favorite fall theme at home and in the classroom as children plan their costumes and anticipate their load of candy. Parents and teachers should grab this perfect read-aloud as kids participate in the story and learn some essential rhyming skills.

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