Busy Bead Maze- Mermaid Adventure by Alex Toys

productimage-picture-busybeadsmazemermaidadventures-17432.jpg.436x346_q100_upscaleThis mermaid adventure board will indeed keep little hands busy as they wind a fish, seahorse, sun, starfish, mermaid and turtle “over,” “under,”  “up” and “around” the colorful wire trail, “through” the flowered arch, and “under” the table top! A wonderful exercise in fine motor skills. this maze also exercises language skills as parents have lots to describe for their tot to imitate. The best toddler toys have faces to animate objects, people or animals for conversation, as well as rich illustrations to talk about, building a child’s receptive or understanding of language which precedes talking. The flat table top has 4 mermaids swimming through coral, a castle and sea anemones. With plenty to model for your child, this toy becomes a language rich experience.

Available at Alex: Click here

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