4 Wheeling Super Sized Floor Puzzle by Ravensburger

05401Preschoolers want to get into the action too with a full size puzzle. Ravensburger’s 24 piece super sized puzzles are a perfect fit for chunky hands to manipulate and cute, age-appropriate scenes that little ones can identify with. My little friend said, “We have a jeep,” and “Everything is furry,” when he saw the cover of the box. The safari animals taking a jeep ride through the jungle are indeed stuffed animals that any preschooler can relate to–penguin, panda, bear, cheetah, monkey, gorilla, zebra and more. As we were searching for the next piece with a bit of a panda’s head, coconuts and deer antlers, we had a lively discussion describing the pictures. Puzzles can be a wonderful activity to build language skills as kids and parent helpers describe the pieces of the scene, building vocabulary.

Available at Ravensburger. Click here

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