SMARTMAX My First Dinosaurs

It’s been my experience that kids are fascinated with dinosaurs and remember their long names better than adults! Now they can bring to life their SMARTMAX dinos by clicking the front and back body pieces to the middle magnetic rod. Kids love to start up a story and conversations with their characters, and slowly realize they can mix and match bodies so pretty soon the the brontosaurus has not just one rod for his body but two of different colors, or T-Rex has his head attached to the ankylosaurus’ body! Easy to grip and manipulate, these dinosaurs are ready for flexible, creative, pretend play, just what we want for kids to build their language skills as they practice conversation, building a story plot and role-play.  I’ve seen the long term play value of these sets which are interchangeable with other SMARTMAX sets so they can ride a train, tractor or visit a farm. What a fun way to encourage language learning!

Will be available at Smart Toys and Games

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