Speech Therapy Articulation Practice

I seem to be on a roll talking about speech therapy practice but I just blog about what is happening with the kids I work with.

Today I showed up at four year-old Jimmy’s house to work on /k/ and /g/ to find that he had created a fantastic “Halloween K and G Book” for me! He and mom used the practice work list I had left with them to inspire his pirate themed/ Halloween practice book. I can honestly say, it is one of the best gifts I have gotten:)

His entries were beautifully illustrated and were right on his topic of interest–“a cup of blood,” “eyeball cake,” “ghost playing a game,” “key to the castle,” “the ghosts came,” “goblin,” “cool ghoul.” “kraken,” ( I had to have that one explained to me!) “cooking brew,” “creature carrying blood,” “can he catch his head?” (no explanation needed here) “Will you kiss me?” and “Give me my arm!” On the back of the book he had drawn a treasure map for me.

What a fun activitity! I wish I had thought of it. All you need is paper, markers, a stapler and a child’s imagination.

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  1. Annie says:

    this is just adorable! I love it so much! What a cute mom to help him make that book!

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