“Go With Me Mobile” by Blue-Box Toys Wins PAL Award

Blue-Box Toys has just made hanging out in a crib a lot more fun! With the cast of characters from their new BKids  product line, bebee the monkey, fefe the elephant,  and zuzu the giraffe dangling above baby, there is plenty to gaze at and entertain. The soft animals and tube to attach to allow for plenty of movement to soothe your baby. Angled for baby’s best view, these animals can circle the mobile or unsnap and travel most everywhere for fun. The unique “Loop ‘n Link System allows  parents to connect the characters for a line-up menagerie, stringing it on the stroller, carriage, car seat or even a grocery cart. Each animal is attached to a loop that connects through a Velcro leaf. Play with them individually or connect them for a parade of play. Moms loved how soft the animals were and babies concurred as they grabbed, chewed, and explored their new little friends, babbling at their friendly faces. Blue-Box’s theme “to bring kids together, connecting for a better world” inspires all of us to hold hands and play together.

Recommended Age: Infant-5 months

The above opinions are solely those of the author. “Go With Me Mobile” was provided for review by Blue-Box Toys.

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