Funny Speech Therapy Moments Teaching Word-Finding Cues

Somebody likes the polar vortex

Somebody likes the polar vortex

We have to keep a smile on our faces when we work with kids. Most of the time it is easy, in spite of some challenging kids and disabilities that we work with. That being said, it is enormously powerful to share some of the zany things that happen in our sessions. I’ve blogged many times about my starting point in a carefully planned therapy session and where a child took the session with their creative play and imaginative mind.

Well, I have to share this story from a colleague this week who was working with a group of kids with word-finding difficulties:

“I think I told you I was teaching a cue for “polar vortex” to some of my speech kids:  I was teaching it to my 3rd grade boys  yesterday.  I had one of the boys standing on top of my table, acting as the polar bear to reach down ‘into Texas’ to touch his buddy (I also had a visual of a polar bear reaching down into a map of Texas).  “Polar for Tex”.  So who knocks on my door?   The superintendent!  Ha!   So I just had them teach the supt how to use a word finding cue to remember “polar vortex.”  I don’t think either the boys or my boss will forget it!”

Who else has a funny story? We need a laugh when it’s this cold outside:)

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