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Madpax BLOK Pack Rocks for Back to School!

maxpack rock packAll I know is that ever since 6 year-old Will spotted my orange BLOK Pack by Madpax, he has been wearing it! Filled with books, he is ready to read wherever he goes which makes a mom happy (teachers, and grandparents, too!) The latest design to join BUBBLE, LATER GATOR, and SPINETUS REX,  this back back displays “Mighty towers of power and punch that meet squares of rare.”

Rock Pack was provided for review by Madpax.

Squeeze Station Packs Homemade Baby Food

Infantino’s new Fresh Squeezed feeding line provides a masher, mill and puree machine to prepare nutritious homemade food for your child, including the Squeeze Station that packs yummy treats into those popular plastic pouches for on-the-go fun.  Squeeze Station and the feeding line products were provided for review by Infantino.

Lay-n-Go Transports Play

Don’t we love easy clean-up that can also transport play? These activity mats in several sizes provide a play space and when it is time to clean-up or transport the play just pull the drawstring and sling the pod over your shoulder! The story continues as kids can have uninterrupted play. “Lay-n-Go Lite” was provided for review by Lay-n-Go.

MadPax Rocks With New Bubble Backpack

Who said the kids can have all the fun? I’ve been sporting my new orange crush ‘Rock It’ backpack by MadPax to rave reviews. Kids and adults just want to run their fingers over it and have hinted at getting one themselves. Don’t tell but kids and parents want the same bag! “Bubble” MadPax was provided for review by MadPax. 

Sling This So Cool Satchel Over Your Shoulder

Neon is big this year and girls love this “So Cool Satchel” by Alex Toys. It’s a sturdy, trendy bag to hold your books, iPad or snacks. Kids that grow up on Alex toys and art kits can keep some bright, beautiful design in their lives with this bag for the older set. “So Cool Satchel” was provided for review by Alex Toys.

This Recipe Holder Rocks!

I must admit I am slowly moving away from the wooden recipe holder that my grandma’s church circle made, painted and sold at their fundraisers. It has a clothes pin on top and gets a little wobbly. That’s why I was excited to try out the “Recipe Rock” from Architec Housewares. It’s cool, it’s modern, and it works! I am joining the 70% of cooks that use the Internet over cookbooks and need a way to get the full page recipe off the damp counter. Just remove the metal ball from the the magnetic rock and add up to eight pages of printed recipes. I think it makes me look like a better cook!

The opinions expressed above are solely those of the author. “Recipe Rock” was provided for review by Architec Housewares.

Slip Into This Cool Seat!

I always have to check out what’s new at my favorite local baby shop, “o lulla” in Southport, CT. Owner, Noz,showed me these adorable molded chairs by Offi–so much fun for the kids to slip into and enjoy taking a rest. With an opening in the back, kids can take advantage of the secret hiding place for a favorite teddy or mom can store toys in the under-seat storage space. Sturdy and molded for the little ones, these chairs come in yummy luminous colors to brighten any room.

Don’t Go Without Your Go Baggie!

Ever wish you were a kid again? I did when I got my Go Baggie ladybug backpack and saw all the possibilities for a creative workshop in a bag. Unzip each compartment to reveal a new play space for art supplies, wet clothes or  a snack. Kids loved a spot for every colored pencil, marker and paper including the dry erase board that comes with the Go Baggie. Special straps allow your child to hang Go Baggie from the headrest of the car, unzip their fold down activity table and go to work–oops, I mean play! Kids thought this was the coolest backpack ever. Check out the seven styles including the zebra, peacock and jaguar.

The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author. Go Baggie was provided for review by Myrna J Games.

Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar?

uglydoll cookie jar, playonwords.comPost this UGLY friend in your kitchen to guard the cookies and get some smiles. Babo is just one of the four new ceramic cookie jars from Uglydoll to be the keeper of your goodies. He’s my favorite because of his innocent “caught-in-the act” look after taking a bite of his chocolate chip cookie. I love a ceramic cookie jar that makes it hard to sneak a treat, without the telltale noise as you return the lid. He’s a perfect gift for moms, teenagers and kids.

The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author. “Uglydoll Cookie Jar” was provided for review by Uglydoll.

Puzzled Over Lunch?


Mealtime for toddlers and preschoolers can be unpredictable at best. One day a PBJ sandwich rules and the next it’s rejected. Add a little intrigue to lunch with four Match & Munch sandwich cutters, creating crust-less puzzles of bite-sized pieces! My little 4 year-old friend downed his sandwich and then said, “Can I have another puzzle?”Kids loved getting into the action, pressing down the cutter to reveal the edible puzzle. You’d better act fast–the pieces disappear.

The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author. “Match & Munch” was provided for review by

Let Them Have Cake!

One of my clever moms just went into her son’s preschool class for his four year birthday celebration. She needed a craft for the class to do and brought these cute cardboard slices of cake for each child to decorate. Providing plenty of glitter, pom poms, ribbon, markers and sparkles, she made her son’s day. Each child proudly took their piece of cake home to display. She found these favors on the website for Oriental Traders.

Easy Cut-Up Cakes for Kids

nemo cakeLet the party begin! Oh, but what about the cake? If you need some inspiration, pick up a copy of Melissa Barlow’sEasy Cut-up Cakes for KidsEasy Cut-Up Cakes for Kids.

Even if you feel a bit artistically challenged, you can create cute, simple, cakes to delight your child. Made from cake mixes, using just a few standard baking pans, these creations can vary from a pirate ship to a clown fish, or football. Simple patterns and instructions guide you through cutting and assembling your masterpiece to present at the party.

Whimsy ABC’s by Tatiri

Tatri kid's wooden letters for the wall

Your child is already flooded with letters in his environment, signs, cereal boxes, books and magazines–how about a few on the wall, bedroom door or toy box? These whimsical letters are 3″ high and caught my attention because they have eyes, animating them and inviting conversation! I found a simpler version at Target, but these google eyed ones can be found at Stowe Kitchen Bath and Linens

Work of Art Mats by Land of Nod

Ever get tired of scraping play-doh off your kitchen table after your preschooler had created a few masterpieces? Four thin but sturdy colored mats will protect your furniture and ease cleanup as you pop them in the dishwasher. Hand each child their own color to start their imagination going.

Cupcake Courier

Have yet another kid’s party to attend and you’ve volunteered to bring cupcakes? Here’s the courier that will keep those little treats in place.

The Cupcake Courier holds up to 36 cupcakes and can transport a cake too when the trays are removed.

Constructive Eating Utensils:

Check out for their “constructive eating utensils” that would get any little boy’s attention with the “Fork lift fork,” “Bulldozer pusher,” and “Front loader spoon.”

The handles are construction vehicles made to be held by little hands. Learning letters and numbers can be fun with their silicone letters and numbers ice trays. You can make juice ice or jello jigglers with them to enjoy a special message to your child or just have fun naming. Pancake molds are cut-outs of trucks and airplanes for eating fun too.
Okay, my personal favorite that I thought was for teaching the letter “M” in brownies is the “Baker’s edge brownie pan” actually designed to give the maximum  amount of linear inches of crust. Yum!
So have some fun and learn a little while eating with your child.

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