“Horse Stables” by Lego

Duplo sets by Lego are some of the best play sets for imaginative play and now we can explore horse country! Providing just enough to get the action going, but not enough to stifle flexibiity, Lego gives kids a stable with moving doors, a truck and trailer to take the horses on the road, fencing, two horses, and two people.  In a short time, my little friends had set up jumps, stacked the hay and transported the horses but soon used the props for varied purposes–the trough was a bathtub for a dirty rider, storage container for hay attached to the back of the truck, and a drinking fountain for hot and thirsty horses. Movable pieces take on new meaning as their purpose is changed. Flowers decorated the horse stable‘s roof, grew out of the ground and were stacked to sit upon.

Recommended age: 2-5 years old

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