Testimonials: Sherry Artemenko, Speech Language Pathologist, Testimonials

Speech and Language Therapy:

“Sherry, thank you so much for working with my girls for so long. Your kindness, thoughtfulness, insight and professionalism made our experience so meaningful. My husband and I appreciate all you have done for them. Let’s keep in touch. Thanks again.”

Mother of 3 and 5 year-old girls
Greenwich, CT

“Thank you Sherry! You are a BIG help and Max adores you.”

Maria, mother of a 5 year-old boy
Fairfield, CT

“Keep up the awesome work with our Dom. He adores you!”

Sarah, mother of 5 year-old boy
Fairfield, CT

“Hi there! We’re having a little withdrawal over here and I wanted to let you know that Betsy asked me (through teary eyes!), Sherwee coming today???” I told her that she did such a great job with you that she didn’t need to work with you anymore…more tears and, No! I wuv Sherwee! That’s all. Just felt we needed to say hello…

Kathleen, mother of 2 year-old girl dismissed from speech
Fairfield, CT

“Sherry, thanks for giving us back our son. We are so grateful for everything you did for Ben and our family. Not seeing you every week makes me feel that something is missing… but we look forward to a summertime walk! We miss you,”

Nicole, mother of 2 year-old boy who was dismissed from therapy
Westport, CT

What Professionals are Saying about Sherry:

“Thank you for the 16 exceptional years you gave to the children of Fairfield. You have left a legacy of children who are better communicators and therefore, more successful and happy in their lives. Well done! With thanks and much affection.”

Linda Strohmeyer
Special Education Coordinator
Fairfield Public Schools

“Sherry’s work with the 3 year olds of Fairfield is truly remarkable. She has been able to work with families and children toward difficult goals with empathy, and love. Her communications with parents keeps them highly involved in the educational process.”

Andrea Leonardi
Director or Special Education and Pupil Services
Fairfield Public Schools

Speaking on Language Enhancement for Typically Developing Children:

“It makes your job as a mother feel much more important! You see yourself in the role of a teacher. Play is not just passing the time, it’s teaching your child. Many mothers may not feel validated or important in their role with small children…. understanding the educational background of play in these early months, gives me a lot of direction and satisfaction.”

Janine, mother of a 2 year old and 3 month old baby
Westport, CT

“Just wanted to say thank you again for all your insights yesterday. It was definitely worth coming to chat with you..Best of luck with what you do. You do it so well!

Nino, mother a of 17month old
Norwalk, CT

“Sherry….if you give any public talks, let me know. I’d love to hear you again and I know that some of the moms who missed you this week would love to see you. I personally could listen to your insights for hours.”

Rosalia, mother of a 10 month old
Greenwich, CT

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