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Speech and language therapy:

Why use Sherry to improve your child’s speech and language skills?

I build speech and language skills through creative play.  Research shows that when a child’s lead is followed in play, he takes in more language. Utilizing fun, stimulating toys, I encourage verbal interaction and creative story telling.

I build speech and language skills through literature. A three-year-old hears three times the number of rare words in a book as he would in everyday conversation. Through reading and rich language, I help to not only expand a child’s vocabulary, but also improve their grammar, language concepts, sequence and prediction.

I love children. Therapy should be a fun experience for your child! The other day, as I approached Danny’s front door, I heard a squeal of delight, as he peaked out and saw that I had my pirate island. When the captain shot the cannon, Danny had many opportunities to practice his “k” sound.

Last year I was working with a four-year-old boy, who kept telling his older brother about our fun therapy sessions. Since his brother was in school during my visits, his mom insisted on taking a picture of me to prove to his brother that I was NOT a four-year-old play date! When kids are enjoying the activity, they are motivated to work hard and learn.

I come to your home where your child is comfortable and where the family can participate. I have the privilege of being in your home and many times getting to know your whole family. Sometimes, I work with siblings to show them how to play with their sister or brother to encourage talking and building language. One of my favorites, Taylor, a big brother, could be hired out as a play therapist. He has watched and learned strategies to help improve his sister’s social language.

This spring was a first for me. I got a call from a family whose child I have worked with for two years. They were on vacation in Disneyworld and the kids kept mentioning me and the fun we have, so they gave me a call. I missed them too!

I collaborate with schools.   I will do an observation of a child at his school and give suggestions to the teacher for integrating his speech and language goals into the classroom. I also do therapy sessions within the classroom so the teacher can see how to bring his language goals to any activity. Often, I see increased progress after such visits because more adults are reinforcing the child’s goals. With more than 35 years of experience working in and with the schools, I know how to move in and out of that setting and help you navigate the school’s system of IEP’s and Annual Reviews.

I’m experienced.  I connect with kids and can get even the most obstinate children to forget that they won’t talk and start chatting with me. I’ve raised three boys who are now in their 20’s and have worked with kids for more than 25 years. My love of children and vast experience makes me a good diagnostician and therapist.

I’m connected. I have lived in the area for more than 25 years and worked in the Fairfield School System for 16 years. I don’t pretend to be an expert at every age or in every area of speech and language pathologies, however, I have a network of excellent professionals to refer parents to when their needs fall outside of my expertise including contacts at Yale University.

Language enhancement for typically developing children:

Why have “Play on Words” sessions when your child has no problems?

I show the value of strong speech and language skills. Strong speech and language skills allow a child to better express himself, connect with others, make good decisions, pursue interests and simply feel good. Language is the foundation for later academic areas such as reading, spelling and writing.

I take advantage of their “window of opportunity” for learning. Scientists agree that babies are wired to learn language, but there is a “window of opportunity” from birth to three years that, when talking to your baby, can reinforce the pathways in his brain to enhance his ability to learn throughout life.

I share research-backed strategies to enhance language. Research suggests that talking to your child using simple strategies can stimulate speech and language development. You can promote a larger vocabulary, better grammar, longer sentences, more creative play, longer attention span and even higher IQ scores.

I show you fun ways to connect with your child through play. You are your child’s first and most important teacher. Using certain strategies in everyday routines, you will create a language-rich environment that is loving, fun and creative where you connect with your child through conversation and play!

I build language skills that are the foundation for later learning. Research has shown that a child’s language development is linked to his ability to learn, write and think.  My strategies help to enhance this development.

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