The 1.2.3 & Disney Winnie’s & Piglet’s Tree House by PLAYMOBIL brings an enchanting experience from the Hundred Acre Wood. This playset captivates hearts while nurturing language, cognitive and motor skills.

Winnie and Piglet play by the big tree that has all sorts of magic. Tree branches spin, twist and click, the door opens and closes, the swing swings, and the furniture can be sorted by shape as it slides down the center. This playset encourages imaginative play and children take on the roles of their favorite characters from the Hundred Acre Wood, fostering creativity and storytelling skills. As they begin new adventures with Winnie and Piglet, they create narratives, explore different scenarios, and engage in dialogue. They’re building play schemas, or short sequences, which are essential for cognitive development.

The Tree House encourages problem-solving as children experiment with the various components, enhancing their spatial and logical thinking skills. The tree house itself acts as a shape sorter, requiring children to match the correct shape with its corresponding slot—a fantastic way to develop early problem-solving and critical thinking skills while honing fine motor skills too.

Disney Winnie’s & Piglet’s Tree House promotes pretend play, fosters imaginative storytelling, builds play schemas, and encourages fine motor development. The shape sorter feature is a wonderful addition that also enhances early problem-solving skills. It’s a delightful way for children to interact with beloved characters while building a solid foundation of language and cognitive skills for their journey in learning.

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