Ready-Set-Go! Your toddler can build vocabulary with LeapFrog’s 100 Things That Go book and learn all about vehicles on land, sea, air, and more. There are 12 different categories with easy turn pages separated by picture tabs. Your child can learn new words in both English and Spanish.

With three play modes, each page offers engaging ways to learn:

  1. Touch a picture to hear the word
  2. Tap a picture to learn fun facts
  3. Listen to the sounds of the 100 different vehicles

This interactive book offers new information and prompts the discussion about vehicles and their attributes. Our toy tester loved learning new adjectives, nouns, and listening to the many sounds of 100 Things That Go. We learned about a blimp when the book offered “This blimp flies slowly.” This sparked a new conversation and built new connections as we talked about all things slow!

100 Things That Go is an interactive book sharing opportunity where children can learn new words and classify just about anything that moves. Lawn mowers, food trucks, gondolas, and more! your child will gain exposure to vehicles in their community and those outside too.

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