imgresKids love to move and now they can literally step into this fantastic Ford Raptor truck to cruise the neighborhood. This vehicle encourages learning and pretend play beginning at 18 months, as toddlers open and close the door, climb in, beep the horn, press pretend buttons on the dashboard, load up the back compartment with toys and books and steer around town. Expressions of delight abound as they explore, pretend and experiment with the door lock, climbing out to inspect the front grill and turning on the working front lights! Take a real ride, when a grown up holds the sturdy handle and guides their little friend out for a spin. Step2 has again designed a wonderful vehicle for pretend play that grows with your child. As kids gain more motor control, take out the floor board and remove the handle so they can propel the truck themselves. Little legs get a work-out and they are in charge of leading the play. Children gain more language as they direct the play, creating the story as they go. Should we pick up some groceries (pretend food) to deliver from our rear truck bed or take a ride in the dark, showing off our lights? Creative possibilities are only limited by a child’s imagination with this sturdy, realistic prop for play.

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