This cool tech savvy trike takes your child through 4 stages of riding from 9 months to 6 years, from a parent steering the stroller, to training, riding and finally drifting 360 degrees. Our 3 year-old friend took it for a ride and mom was so impressed with the features since he has had some trouble learning to ride a trike. The bike easily adjusted to his size and he was off, He loved the ignition switch, horn and shifter with sound effects. Suddenly the bike was talking, “left,” “right,” as L and R lit up on the dashboard. Role-play and  location buttons offer wonderful prompts for pretend play from four characters–policeman (“Patrol time, rescue-mobile coming through”), mailman, a little boy and girl–as well as comments and questions related to the grocery store, home, school, and the park. There are 4 levels of comments, as the bike grows with the child. Kids learn vocabulary associated with community helpers and locations as well as comments related to their biking there. They learn to listen and answer questions, “What’s your favorite food?” and follow directions in their pretend role-play, “Are you ready? It’s time for us to save the day!” as they take off as a policeman. This bike teaches kids to ride while building language skills through play!

Available at VTech. Click here