LeapFrog’s 4-in-1 Learning Hamburger offers different play experiences designed to keep toddlers entertained, engaged, and food happy. It has multifunctional features that provide  new opportunities for exploration and learning through stacking, solving, and pretend play.

The Learning Hamburger’s stackable burger parts promote fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Children stack the 7 different layers of the hamburger as each item spins around the spiral base. Each spinning layer of this delicious burger works their dexterity, while also promoting vocabulary through play.

Most of the burger layers are actually two pieces that fit into each other like a puzzle. This allowed for different ways to play and encourage spatial awareness and early problem solving through color and shape matching. When the inner puzzle piece was removed, it made for a fun tossing game too.

Our testers also loved playing restaurant with the Learning Hamburger and requesting that some items NOT be included, which was a great way to incorporate following directions and vocabulary recognition. For instance, “May I please have a burger with NO tomato.”

By engaging in imaginative scenarios and role-playing as chefs or restaurant owners, children develop language skills, creativity, and social-emotional learning. Pretend play allows them to explore different roles, perspectives, and emotions, fostering empathy and understanding.

Made with 85% reclaimed plastic, LeapFrog is considering ways to make learning better for the planet too. The 4-in-1 Learning Hamburger is versatile and inspires exploration, creativity, and development across multiple domains. With its engaging play experiences and emphasis on pretend play, it sparks joy and curiosity while laying the foundation for learning and growth.

Available at Walmart and Target