Learning to read is an exciting milestone in the life of a child and might I say for their parents too! Learning sight words, those words that aren’t easy to decode, helps kids be more confident, fluent readers by knowing up to 75% of the words in their beginner texts. Think Tank Scholars’ Sight Words are packaged by grade level from Pre-K through Grade 3 so parents and teachers can offer practice for the appropriate reading level of a child. Each card has two words, one on each side, such as they/find or out/bed for Pre-K and table/hours or once/children for Grade 2. Learning to memorize words can be laborious but Think Tank Scholar has offered six teaching methods as well as 6 games to play to make learning fun. Kids learn to say, spell, remember and use the words in sentences as well as match words from the index to the cards, and my favorite, search through magazines, flyers or newspapers to find your word(s) in context to earn points. These last games of applying knowledge, seeing and reading the words in context for meaning, increases the language learning for kids, giving meaning to the words within the text. My first grade teacher friend was eager to use these new flash cards with kids in her class, “Sight word work is key for learning to read, especially for kids who struggle. By using them in games, kids are encouraged as they master the words and have fun working with partners.” Learning should always be fun, so grab these cards and start some smart play!

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