A Meal of the Stars lets us in on what a whimsical book of up and down poetry we are about to open. Kids loved this collection of poems, one word per line, whose text runs top to bottom of the page or the other way around. Beautiful vocabulary and abstract language make this book a PAL Winner. Stars wishing they could “drink the raindrops,” “a ladybug climbs to rest on the yellow bed of the swaying dandelion,” or children “gazing down upon the moving sounds and colors of this carnival world.” Perfect for a language lesson, this book provides an opportunity for kids to explain each poem. An added feature that was such fun was when the children asked me to read the poem in the wrong direction. They laughed hilariously and begged for me to do it on each page. A Meal of the Stars is a wonderful read-aloud for parents and families as well as a rich resource for teachers and speech therapists.