ABC Matching Magnet SetWhat a fun way to learn your ABC’s, naming or telling a story using magnetic objects, animals, characters and food to pair with beginning letters. Our little friends chose 5 pieces and made up a story, placing the pieces in order left to right, and then searched for the letters that began each piece’s word. They started, “The jester waved his wand, zap, and turned the rabbit into a frog.” Kids can place the foam magnetic letters next to a picture, learning and talking about beginning sounds and  letter-sound association, important pre-literacy skills getting ready for reading. I have found that when you leave letters and pictures on a magnetic board or even the refrigerator, kids “practice’ with them as they pass by, often leaving their work and coming back to try something new with the letters! The storybook pictures and letters are a good size for little fingers to manipulate and experiment with, becoming early budding authors, building language skills.

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