Schleich’s new play sets continue to impress teachers, parents, grandparents and of course kids! Their beautiful hand painted people and props inspire kids to spin their stories in many directions, based on creative play scenarios. The Farm World’s Adventure Treehouse is every kid’s dream, life and play above the ground in a treehouse. Kids took the farm family kids, Ben and Sarah up the rope ladder and slats on the tree tree trunk to the third level look-out. The telescope was used to examine the forest and look out for enemies. When it was time for a snack, they sat on a stump and turned over the crate to serve as a table to hold their plates and cups. Kids loved the beautiful bird, squirrel, hedgehog and dog, as they found “homes” for each of their animal playmates while the slide and working tire swing were playful entertainment. Children used the pulley system to bring their pets up to the treehouse in the tray. I knew this would be a hit as I was carrying it down the hall towards a first grade classroom and a child stopped and said, “Wait, I want that!”

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