628413_airwaterpowerplus_pp_fullThames & Kosmos “Air+Water Power Plus” is a creative combination of vehicle/machine building kit AND science experiment. At it’s core are a pair of air+water pressure tanks that go into 30 different models to assemble from the kit’s 176 pieces. The 60 page “Experiment Manual” is comprehensive and well organized, integrating fun pneumatic and hydraulic physics experiences into a variety of configurations: rocket car, tanker truck, submarine, water gun, ferris wheel, music box and radar station to name less than half of the contraptions. Imagination is stirred, cognition activated, curiosity sparked and conversation ignited. “Air+Water Power Plus” creates a perfect storm of stimulating STEM play and blossoming language, AND you will likely get happily sprayed in the process!

Operating and enjoyment tips – These sets are not inexpensive. There are many quality and differentiated pieces, some quite small, with attention to detail required. It might be a  more successful project if you start out with some adult supervision.  Spend time together overviewing the instructions. Do the first single tank jet nozzle car with them. Everyone will be happier, and you’ve set the stage for months of interesting fun and collaboration.

By Bob Artemenko

Available at Thames and Kosmos. Click here