I’m always excited to see what’s new with Alex Brands’ “Ready, Set…” themed boxes, and kids are too! Money can be a hard concept to learn but Alex has made it fun, creative, and hands-on with crafts and counting activities. Decorate your felt dollars with fun animal faces instead of George Washington and set them up with coins in your decorated cashier tray.  Now you are open for business in a pretend store, farmer’s market or bank. Stick on price tags with sale notices too, for tagging toys, food or books in the playroom store. After you have made some cash, make your 3 sided bank, adding stickers teaching “spend, share and save.” Kids have the fun of making the accessories for great pretend play and language learning, while building an understanding of money and counting. The sturdy felt coins and bills will transfer to many creative activities as kids sell ice cream, breakfast, or toys!

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