2687851“Ready, Set, Bodies” is a box packed with cleverly introduced learning! A little monkey doctor shows kids the science behind their amazing bodies, in language a preschooler can understand. 8 activities give kids a hands-on craft that simulates some function or system of their body as well as how to take care of it. Stretch red tape across the top of a paper cup and tap to imitate the heart’s beat or breathe through a straw into a closed paper bag (decorated with stickers, of course) to simulate respiration. Build your own skeleton or make your own braille alphabet chart. Kids construct their digestive system, add healthy foods to their plates and even glue together a brain, learning what activities are left and right brain with stickers to signify math and science or art and music! This would be a wonderful preschool teacher gift if you want to be a hit. What a lot of vocabulary, concepts and logical thinking kids engage in and learn as they find out how incredible their body is!

Available at Kohls. Click here