2687901Everyone knows that kids love dinosaurs, so get ready for some learning fun! Kids are invited to discover fun facts about dinosaurs through making carnivore slip-on feet, a T-Rex puppet, a finger apatosaurus puppet, and a stegosaurus whose boney plates are represented by clothes pins! A make and play kit, Ready, Set, Dinos! provides loads of pretend play opportunities as kids make a Pterodactyl glider, a standing iguanodon skeleton or a baby hatching out of a dinosaur egg. A couple of these sets would provide all the fun at a birthday party and kids wouldn’t even know about all they are learning! Let’s start with the vocabulary including paleontologist, carnivore, herbivore, fossil and armor as well as facts about each dinosaur being made. Pretend play using the finished dinos builds language skills as kids craft their own story.

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