imgres-2Kids love to sew–boys AND girls. I wish I’d had this set for my last visit to the grandkids. Instead I found myself at the craft store, buying all the accessories to outline and stuff a dog and monster! ALEX Toys encourages creativity by supplying all the items to construct a flag banner, ladybug, heart, owl puppet, bee, and more. I love the kid-sized needle with the bulb end and nice size hole to take the frustration out of threading the needle. Kids practice fine motor skills as they make a running stitch to attach buttons on the ladybug or black yarn lines on the bee’s tummy. Stickers personalize the decorations and secure the yarn on the back so no need for knots! Kids can practice language skills while putting on a home-made puppet show with their owl or have a chat with the ladybug and bee. As part of the Ready, Set kits, these sewing activities are perfectly designed for preschool kids who want to do grown-up crafts, learning as they sew.

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