ALEX%20Toys_Woodland%20Wonders%20Activity%20Center%20pckgKids walked right up to this Woodland Wonders Activity Center and got to work–oops I mean play. They do go hand in hand when kids are loving what they’re doing and have a toy loaded with learning from top to bottom. Children started right in pushing their wooden fish, duck, turtle and frog through the winding cut-out track in the top pond, passing under the bird’s arch that doubles as a carrying handle! So many beautifully illustrated animals circle the pond–purple squirrel, orange fox, skunk and snail. The best toddler toys are those that have lots of features to explore, and describe so children take in rich vocabulary and description for later expressive language when they are learning to talk. This sturdy wooden hexagon as 6 sides of learning. Start with the patterned doors where kids can guess the animal behind the door that matches the pattern–stripes of a skunk or polka dots on a butterfly. Next an owl, squirrel and hedgehog race past forest friends to make it to the top. Now rotate the 6 triangular blocks to finish the puzzle of the fox, skunk or squirrel. You can even teach kids association as the squirrel holds a nut and the skunk has a flower. On to the next side the bear holds a giant clock with moving hands. Three moving animal gears are on the branches of a tree with the last side being an ABC lesson with flipping blocks showing letters with corresponding objects. WOW! Did you learn some language by now? Sit down with your child and this activity center and I’m sure you will both have a lot of fun!