51DcKD8XCbL._SX387_BO1,204,203,200_This book has been a favorite with my speech therapy students since I found it in the “New” books section. Ally-saurus is a little girl with a dinosaur’s spirit who had a rough start to her first day of school. Torrey’s clever line drawings added to his figures, representing their imaginary personas make this a delightful tale of children’s imaginations and how they extend to pretend play. Ally-saurus loved to chomp her grapes with fierce teeth and ROAR! When she encountered some strong personalities like the princesses, she was shut out from the lunch table. Soon a dragon and lion joined her for giggles and friendship. My kids loved anticipating Walter’s response who was not imitating an animal but rather declared, “I love my new lunchbox” which went everywhere with him! (spot on to kid humor). Soon everyone had joined in to fly in a spaceship on the swings, soar with a dragon and chase away a band of pirates. Play is more fun when you invite in everyone’s imagination right?

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