Baby GUND’s Animated “Alora the Unicorn” is a luxury soft plush toy that also provides learning and language benefits. Babies love the luxury soft fur, adorable animation of Alora’s clapping, singing, and glowing horn, and are captivated by her playful songs.

Playtime with Alora means a multi-sensory experience for your baby. They love the soft texture of her fur and get a pleasant tactile experience. Our baby toy tester especially loved grabbing on to her long tail! Squeezing each of her feet cue her to sing fun songs about the alphabet and counting. Babies were captivated by voice and clapping as she sang.

Alora’s fun animations made teaching body parts fun and very “hands-on.” Older babies can imitate clapping, a skill that emerges around 9 months old. Parents and caregivers have ample opportunities to teach words like hands, feet, eyes, ears, and horn. As they play and learn, they’re developing knowledge of new words, their imagination and creativity. Alongside Alora, parents interact with their babies, singing and imitating, building connections, practicing social skills, and encouraging language development.

Available at GUND and Amazon