The Alphabet and Numbers Learning Fun Totes by MindWare’s Peaceable Kingdom are a fun introduction to basic letter and number concepts for preschoolers. Each tote contains over 80 magnets, double sided activity boards, and a dry erase marker allowing for excellent repeat play  value. The included parent guide is a great resource to help us help them! Children develop knowledge and confidence with early fundamental literacy and math skills.

These sturdy totes engage children in hands-on, interactive learning activities. The variety of colorful, tactile manipulatives and wipe-off boards with a dry erase marker are both fun and interactive. They allow children to explore and manipulate numbers and sounds in a concrete, tangible way, which can help solidify their understanding of key concepts.

Another benefit of the Alphabet and Numbers Learning Fun Totes are that they’re customizable to different skill levels. If your child isn’t quite comfortable using a pen/pencil yet, no problem – the magnets (manipulatives) are perfect! For the older kiddo who’s feeling ready, they were quite eager to write and erase as they traced, wrote, and drew. Each activity sheet focuses on a different skill. For instance, rhyming, letter and sound correspondence, sight words, counting, numbers, patterns, and shapes. These totes will have your little one excited to learn!

Our preschoolers were even eager to be “the teacher” and use the magnetic board as their classroom board. With a fun pretend play element, the learning continued. The Alphabet and Numbers Learning Totes helped to foster a love of learning and exploration, which can have long-lasting benefit for their academic and personal development.

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