VTech’s Animal Rhymes Storytime combines storytelling, music, and interactive play to foster key language and cognitive skills in babies and toddlers. This travel-friendly book benefits young kiddos, with a focus on language development and understanding cause and effect.

Animal Rhymes Storytime introduces children to a rich variety of words through its engaging rhymes and songs. The textured tabs reveal a new page with forest and farm friends. Each of these pages has fun songs and includes different animals, actions, and descriptive words that help expand a child’s vocabulary.

The interactive buttons help children follow along with songs and short stories, improving their comprehension skills. Pressing the sun button above names several animals on the page, encouraging identification and pointing with babies and toddlers. Pointing has been linked to language development and research shows that the more children point early on the better their language abilities.

Animal Rhymes Storytime is great for on-the-go and supports language development and cognitive skills through interactive play. By enhancing vocabulary, auditory comprehension, and understanding of cause and effect, this book offers a well-rounded approach to early childhood learning.

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