Aquabeads are awesome water-activated beads that magically stick together with water. The new Beginner’s Carry Case includes 900 beads with over 20 different colors and textures to create incredible designs.

There are four simple steps to create your favorite creatures:

  1. Make –  There are over 15 templates included with your case, any many more online. Kids can create 3D objects and animals or their own designs.
  2. Spray – fill the included spray bottle with water to spray your design to let the Aquabeads do their sticking magic
  3. Flip Tray – One quick flip of the design tray gets it to the drying platform.
  4. They stay – Our creators set a timer to wait for their beads to dry. Patience, patience, patience!

Once they dry, kids loved using them to decorate their case and even initiated pretend play. The 2D creations came to life in the hands of children. A green turtle became best friends with a shiny butterfly as he did his best to “chase” the butterfly as she flew over heads.

The learning benefits Aquabeads lie in the fine motor skills. Children can use the Aquabeads pen to gently press a bead (or a few beads) into the pen cavity. They then use a pencil grip to press their pointer finger on a tab to release a bead into place. Children are strengthening the tiny muscles in their hands and wrist to complete this task. Children used other tools to precisely lay their Aquabeads, like toothpicks and paperclips. These fine precise movements all worked hand-eye coordination through play.

The Aquabeads travel-friendly case is perfect for a take-along activity to grandparents houses, sleepovers, rainy days or any day that your kid is feeling crafty. It’s the ultimate activity to work fine motor skills and improve dexterity. Aquabeads Beginner’s Carry Case is a great choice for summer fun while working on improving muscle strength for school-based skills like handwriting.

Available at Epoch Everlasting Play and Amazon