Say hello to Arc-a-teks, the newest members in the popular Superstrucks family. Pairs of  friendly characters from the earth, sea and sky arrive in handy buckets, ready to construct. Rods, wheels, connectors and foam pieces combine to make your little characters who live in a pretend world of building and architecture. Bluper, Googie, Moonsail, Dread, Jeter and Strut drop in to help us build and create, with a back-story about famous buildings and architecture around the world. Kids assemble the characters, and receive a calling card on each robot, giving his residence–from Yankee Stadium to the Empire State Building. Simple directions, sturdy construction and lifelike futuristic characteristics, all contribute to fun creative play as children easily assemble the characters or invent their own with the 41-42 pieces in each bucket. Secret arc-a-codes unlock new characters revealed on their website. Learn the language of building on earth, sea or sky as you investigate their names–I discovered Jeter was a jet–read about their favorite wonder of the world, structures and personality on their cards. Kids easily integrated these figures into pretend play. One little tester decided to send his pal to Hawaii to surf, so he got paper and pencil to draw an airplane and cut out a surfboard to throw over his shoulder. Anything is possible with a little imagination.

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