The ultimate set for all creative designers and artists, future builders and architects. Art-chitect wonderfully marries the art and science of building design. Creators will practice problem solving, adaptation, and engineering with this all-in-one set.

Imaginations soar with all the tools your creator needs to design a creative, fun, and perhaps functional building layout. There are real architect tools like a drafting triangle with protractor and compass where kids practiced drawing precise lines, arches, and circles. It was magnificent to watch young creators measure sides of their building to ensure evenness (or sometimes unevenness!). It became a true application of math in the real world.

Young architects worked independently and cooperatively when using the set. They manipulated walls, drew and colored furniture and outdoor landscapes. These projects became multi-day work events as kids redeveloped, designed, and altered their creations. Kids practiced spatial awareness as they planned rooms with furniture. They problem solved entryways as they measured and counted gridlines. Art-chitect is a unique design set for every creative child.

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