The galaxy had enjoyed a peaceful coexistence, until a sanitation craft lost control of its messy cargo and let loose free-floating debris, Astro Trash! Kids and parents loved the theme of the game, while they chose their own planet player mat, and stocked it with pieces of trash to simultaneously get rid of once they started the game. Roll your three dice, one with numbers, one with colors of trash, and one with left/right or into the sun directions. Once the first player says, “1,2,3 Ditch it!” there is a mad dash to rid your planet of its trash by passing a certain number and color of trash in the direction indicated on the dice. There is strategy involved as a “?” is players’ choice for disposal of the trash. Kids loved this game so much that they changed the rules to play  more rounds. Normally the player who collects 3 trash trophies for winning 3 rounds is the winner but our guys asked if they could play to 6 trophies! They said, “It’s a game of identifying quickly,” with no stopping until the round is over. Players are processing direction, quantity and color before making a move and frankly many were doing this out loud. There was such joy in dumping trash on another’s planet and they let you know. This was a surprisingly fun social language experience with a fast pace and energy as kids learned to process a set of directions and options and act fast.