BabyAmaze_full6My little friend walked right into the playroom full of toys and headed for the stroller. I demonstrated to Mom how to depress the ribbon button to transform the stroller into a bassinet and high chair. We turned our backs and our 3 year-old was already changing up play! Each position has encouraging sentences related to play in that position: “Hello! Let’s go for a walk,” as the child pushes the stroller with options to sing a song about rainbow colors, or the ABC song among others. Move into mealtime play with the high chair and hear, “It’s time to eat.” Short instructions encourage listening and following directions, “Turn the book to learn about food,” as our little girl flipped the pages on the tray. Kids learn about food, nutrition and healthy habits, “Orange juice has vitamin C,”  and “Bananas sure are delicious.” Now it’s bedtime, so click to the bassinet and hear, “Sleepy time, sweet dreams,” with options to hear classic nursery rhymes. What a wonderful language learning toy to spark imaginations through pretend play and build listening skills as little ones follow directions and learn new facts and vocabulary associated with each play category–strolling, eating and sleeping. Listening to the rhyme and rhythm of language in nursery rhymes builds important skills for auditory discrimination, getting them ready for reading. Our little caregivers had a busy time of learning fun. Now it’s time for a nap!

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