Baby Amaze Learn to Talk & Read Baby DollIt was truly amazing to see how my little girl friend knew just what to do with Baby Amaze, cradling her in her arms, feeding her the bottle and then picking up the books for story time, following her baby dolls’ requests.  The learning fun gets extended with the four interaction features of Baby Amaze–Talk to Me, Reading, Caring and Music. Children are invited into the conversation with “What’s your favorite color? Animal? or Favorite food. Talk back to baby when her bow lights up and she repeats your answer with a related comment, “My favorite is the elephant.”  “Mommy let’s play!”  takes the pretend play in a new direction and “I love you SO much!” is what every mommy likes to hear!  When my little friend was quiet, we heard, “Where’s Mommy?” just as a little demanding baby might think! Press the book button “Let’s open the Blue Book, Mommy read first and I’ll follow you.” “Page one, drink, milk, orange juice, water.” Baby Amaze reads the words on each page by category and asks about the objects she has just read, “Which foods do you like best?” The recorded responses are a good combination of reading, directing the child to the right page, and asking a related question of the child,  increasing language learning as the child builds vocabulary within a category, follows directions and answers questions. The caring button prompts requests for juice, the pacifier, the bottle or paci, with realistic sound effects sucking the pacifier, slurping and burping after the bottle. Push the Music button and Baby Amaze will coo and sing along to nursery rhymes too. Baby Amaze keeps learning just as your child will, since the more you interact and talk with her, the more advanced she becomes. Kids couldn’t help but listen and carry on a conversation, caring for their new little one– a perfect recipe for building language and a loving relationship with baby!

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