Created by an early intervention therapist, Baby’s First Book of 44 Sounds is an ideal parent tool to give parents confidence in reading and play. SmartNoggin founder and author of Baby’s First Book of Sounds, Marcia Haut, explains the importance of language and sound development early on.

There are 44 sounds in American English. As a baby hears these sounds in words and sentences, their brains begin to store them and they become the foundation for learning language. Baby’s First Sounds has vivid pictures, each emphasizing one of the 44 sounds in American English.

The pictures are realistic, with diverse categories including people, animals, foods, and toys. The photo selection allows for even more sound and language learning as your baby grows. In addition to emphasizing words and sounds as you point to and say each picture, parents can practice comprehension of nouns and their functions. For example, “Show me the fish” or “Which one is for eating?” and then reinforcing the word… “The jelly is for eating!”

At the back of the book are “10 Tips to Help Build Your Baby’s Foundation for Language and Literacy.” These tips are great to assure parents key ways to be the leaders in their child’s development. They provide examples and a rationale on how babies learn so that parents can be confident in being their child’s first teacher. Scan the QR code to watch videos on how you could help promote language development in your baby.

Baby’s First Sounds provides good structure to a baby’s introduction to sounds and words. Parents can share this picture book with their children, focusing on sounds, and know that they are laying the building blocks for language and literacy.

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