A wildly fun and educational bath toy for the big kids! The Ball Blaster Water Cannon will have your older kids begging for a bath. The water cannon and target hoop attach easily to the bottom and side of the tub respectively with suction cups. First, place the ball in the top. Next, aim your cannon and adjust your target hoop accordingly. Finally, squeeze the red button to blast water and the ball through the target.

This water cannon was a true blast! Kids practiced fine motor skills by squeezing the action button. They practiced hand-eye coordination as they carefully adjusted the water cannon and target hoop and learned through trial and error. They collected data and information as their first few attempts were unsuccessful. But with adjustments and maneuvers with each trial, the Ball Blaster Water Cannon built confidence and encouraged persistence.

Children also used language skills to sequence their task, which was excellent practice for early narrative development. Using temporal words like first (put the ball inside), next (aim), and last (action!) helped to use smooth transitions when using language of longer length. Awesome practice for telling stories out of the bath later on!

The Ball Blaster Water Cannon was a true multi-sensory experience of cause and effect, exploration, trial and error, motor and language skills. It provided endless fun for older kids, is 100% kid operated (no batteries required!) and provided educational opportunities and growth mindset play.

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