Brisson’s rhythmic text delightfully introduces children to the world of analogies, challenging them to see relationships between words and concepts. The reader is lead through kid-friendly analogies of rhyme, illustrated in vibrant, peppy drawings. “Red is to green as stop is to go,” is a scene exploding with detail and activity as a dog gets the green light and skateboards along the crosswalk followed by a boy carrying his flippers. The crossing guard holds up the red stop sign, detaining a man driving his poodle who is applying lipstick looking in her mirror. Each analogy is illustrated with enough abstraction to invite some conversation. “On is to off as yes is to no,” is represented by a mom coming in to turn out the light while her little boy is protecting his toy ship in bed. Why on and off? One little boy told me, ” Because his mom is turning out the light so he will stop playing and go to bed!”  “Beach is to Fun” is a prefect read aloud for the classroom too, to spark young authors to pen their own analogies.

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