bear_850Kids reached for “Bear In Underwear” when I said the name–what fun playing with bears in their underwear! Players travel around the 3-D game board, through the forest and over the bridge, landing on colored spaces directing them to collect their animal’s favorite food, forest item and underwear. Land on spaces  numbered from 1-3, and reach into the red box backpack to pick out that number of items that might match your animal card. I needed a cookie, flower and pink underwear for my bear, while my little friend chose what he called the monster who needed a hamburger, acorn and blue polka dot underwear. It you don’t get a match you can offer it to another player. Additional stops on the game board, ask kids to get up and act like their favorite animal, or act out eating their favorite food.  Lots of language transpires as kids ask questions, offering objects they don’t need to others, “I don’t need this, Do you need this?” compare animal cards, “I have one and you need one,” describe what they need, “Look, I got purple underwear but it’s a little bit bigger than that.” and guess what animals and foods players are acting out.

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