Good question! Where IS bear is what we asked our 2 year-old friend. This game is part of a collection of simple games that encourage meaningful moments of connection between a 2 year-old and his parents. Many parents and caregivers of 2 year-olds have asked me for suggestions for toys appropriate for their child as well as “how” to play with them. Somehow babies and preschoolers are easier to figure out but Peaceable Kingdom sure knows what they are doing in creating such simple fun starter games to launch learning and pretend play! We began with playing with the beautiful blocks, chocked full of items associated with different rooms in Bear’s house–bathroom, kitchen, living room, play room, bedroom and the base is his back yard. Older brother and sister loved stacking the blocks for play but we spread them out for 2-year old brother. Everyone said hide your eyes and one player hid the bear under a block. Then we modeled, “Where is Bear?” “Is he under here?” “No” or “Yes.” There is so much language learning as a parent or sibling models asking questions and answering them. Of course Bear was the hit if the game, “Hello Bear,”  our 2 year-old liked the bear so much he made off with it and acted out some fun in the kitchen, “I go find a bear.” “Put up up up,” as Bear walked up the refrigerator and “I walk” as he moved along the kitchen floor. “Look Bear, come back!” This game can clearly grow with a child. His 4 year-old siblings loved it and played in a bit more traditional way, stacking them by size, making everyone close their eyes, and hiding the bear for the reveal. We even started asking our questions based on the items in a room, “Is the bear in the room with the crayons?” or “Is the bear in the room with the potty?” On top of each block are several objects pictured to find on that block. Kids learn vocabulary associated with rooms in the house and daily living besides so many grammatical structures like asking and answering questions, all on top of having loads of fun playing with the family!

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