“What’s the weather like today? What should I wear?” — something that we ask ourselves every day! Bear’s Dress & Discover Book is a great way to promote language and vocabulary around weather and clothing in your toddler.

As parents and caregivers, fostering independence is part of our job. Giving our children the vocabulary and knowledge that they need to make good decisions starts early. Toddlers enjoyed flipping through Bear’s interactive book, repeating phrases, dancing, and pointing to pictures.

With three main weather categories – snowy, sunny, and rainy, children can join Bear in the fun parts that each weather has to explore. Listen to bear sing about his warm coat in snow; hear ocean waves on a sunny day at the beach; put rain boots on to splash in puddles.

Bear’s Dress & Discover Book is a great opportunity for parents to engage with their children and share conversation on clothing related to weather. This vocabulary can help toddlers select their own clothing, supporting decision making skills, encouraging independence, and inferencing skills too!

Available at VTech, Target and Amazon