Calling all future city planners! Big City Builders by Ravensburger is a puzzle and play construction game that combines entertainment with additional learning concepts such as spatial awareness, planning, problem solving, and cooperation.

The game provides three different ways to play: solo, cooperative, or competitive. Game setup is the same for each: Spread out the 6 construction site puzzle pieces across your play area and use the remainder of the road pieces to connect your city. This makes the play area dynamic and different every time you play! Players work to load different materials in their truck and deliver them to their correct construction site. During cooperative play, our city builders enjoyed helping each other plan their routes to construction sites to be the most efficient. They even incorporated other toys and cars into gameplay for a full city effect.

Cooperative play was great for teaching and encouraging collaboration and teamwork. It also helped them develop problem-solving skills as they worked together to overcome challenges and obstacles. They practiced color matching, spatial reasoning and planning as they loaded and unloaded construction materials to different sites. Competitive gameplay delivered a bit more urgency in gathering materials as they player that delivers the most goods wins.

Overall, Big City Builders by Ravensburger is a great game that provides both fun gameplay and educational benefits for young children. It encourages cooperative play, helps develop problem-solving skills, and teaches about spatial reasoning and city planning.

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