Highlights has been engaging kids in creative, thoughtful, fun learning for more that 70 years and are continuing in that tradition with their new “The Big Fun Workbooks” for Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade. I reviewed the First Grade Big Fun Workbook that helps kids build handwriting skills, learn letters, beginning and ending letters in words, sight words, blends, nouns and verbs, and rhymes contributing to literacy and reading proficiency. The pages are filled with beautiful, engaging illustrations where kids interact by¬†tracing through maizes, searching pictures for words starting with specific letters, answering riddles, finding hidden pictures, drawing themed pictures with objects beginning with a specific letter, hunting for letters while reading a poem or finishing a crossword puzzle. Kids will love to hunt through the “Rhyme Town”picture for “a drill in a hill” or “a bear eating a pear!” Activities progress in difficulty so at the end of the literacy section, children can read the story of “Brave Teddy” and answer the questions, do some creative writing with the prompt, “If you could be invisible, what’s the first thing you would do?” or draw an activity from the week and tell why it was important. The second half of the workbook focuses on math skills such as shapes, numbers, addition and subtraction, telling time, sequencing and includes a section on science. What an excellent resource for some quiet time of fun learning as kids practice essential skills for reading, math and science.

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