Calling all mini-entrepreneurs for some fun learning about assets, payouts, industry bonuses and the market dealing with zillions of dollars! “Big Money” by Wonder Forge is an engaging monopoly meets  Yahtzee game as players acquire amazing assets like International Space Port, Candy Factory or Extreme Snowboard Course and try to hang on to their investments to become rich! Roll the 5 numbered dice and one industry die. If your assets are within the category rolled–sports, food, travel, entertainment or technology–you collect 5-15 zillion dollars, adding to your wallet so you can purchase more assets or stock certificates. Watch out for the media! Biz News cards can really throw you back with an Antitrust Fine, Global Recession, or Energy Slump that will cost you. Now grab the numbered dice and roll up to two more times to get the highest payout for your roll, from 1 pair up to 5 of a kind. Kids learn the lingo of card games and decide on how much risk they want to take. One player went for all 3 rolls and got a full house worth 15 Z. Players are learning in several dimensions as they manage their assets, make smart purchasing choices, and vary the risk they are willing to take with the throw of the dice.  The game board layout makes the directions very straightforward and fun with clever cartoon graphics on the cards that appeal to kids and adults. Of course the game if over when the bank runs out of money, but players have definitely learned some business vocabulary–demerger, liquidation, or failed ventures–as well as the causes and consequences. Let’s face it, we all learn quickly when it affects the size of our wallet!

Available in August.