Millennial parents are thinking and changing the way some of their kids eat. One study showed that nine out of ten millennial parents prepare healthy lunches for their children. Parents are taking more initiative to teach their children about healthy eating in different ways.

Bizy Buddies Explore Digestion is the perfect book for teaching kids about how healthy food choices affect our bodies. The Bizy Buddies are an inclusive crew of hard working friends inside your body. These characters differ in size, age, and race. The story takes the reader from chewing, to digestion, absorption, and yes… even voiding! Children learn where food goes and how it gets processed inside of them.

Attaching meaning to how our body processes food based on what we put inside, creates more discussion about healthy choices. There are different themes to focus on including categories such as fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain different vitamins and nutrients. Opportunities for knowledge and vocabulary development on body parts and organs can spark a science lesson in school-aged children.

This book isn’t just great for academic concepts; the rhythmic and rhyming pattern of the story is great for building phonemic awareness. Perfect for the younger kiddos! Phonemic awareness is a pre-reading skill where children learn how to manipulate sounds. As they become familiar with the story, our book worms loved “filling in the blank” after a few reads.

The Bizy Buddies website includes additional learning resources that assist parents with enrichment activities. Printables such as coloring pages and sight words are available with more to come. This book is a must-have addition to your shelf to continue the narrative on healthy eating.

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