BIZYBOO hide-n-seek busy bags are the perfect take along game. There are 12 different themes, including Jack the pancake, GG the gaming console, Daisy the donut, and more. Kids build vocabulary knowledge within a category and develop fine motor skills as they press and pinch tiny beads away to find their target items.

Each BIZYBOO includes 6+ letters to find, 10 pictured items, and bonus finds on the back. The additional items are described rather than pictured — great for older kids. For example, Something you drink, Something you own, to allow for inferences and tapping in to a new set of categorical language skills.

Vocabulary building through categories is important. As language skills and knowledge develop, children file away new words in their brain based on its category. This way, they can better retrieve the word during a conversation, describe it with more detail, and have better understanding of word relationships.

With so many targets, BIZYBOO keeps kids “bizy” and learning. They’re getting fine motor practice as they use their hands and fingers in precise and coordinated ways. Children gain a valuable opportunity to use descriptive language, make logical connections, and foster categorization skills for vocabulary. Take it on a car ride, waiting at the doctor’s office, or use it as an activity between transitions at home — this toy is a hit with both kids and parents!

Available at Vango Toys and Walmart