It’s fun to find a game whose directions are so simple that you can start playing within minutes. But hold on. This fill-in-the-blank “game where ____minds think alike” takes some critical thinking and word association along with a dab of EQ (emotional quotient) to get a match with another player’s answer. We had fun playing with kids and adults, the more players, the more fun we decided. Pick a cue card and write the word that best completes the phrase, “mouth___,” “motor____,” or  “roller____.” Do your best to match your answer with just one other player for 3 points. Matching with more than one only gives you one point. Our 12 year-old friend got the strategy, “You want to pick a word that is a little rare, not so obvious or common.” Roller blades had a match while roller skates didn’t, while motorcycle earned a match but not motorcade. This game is a bit like Apples to Apples where you try to offer an answer that would match how another player is thinking. I had to put on my kid cap to come up with “playground” instead of playmate. Blank Slate keeps minds agile as players need to retrieve words that associate with others, and be mindful of player’s experiences and interests to try and match their guesses. What a fun family game to reinforce learning.

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