Block Chain is a single player brainteaser that will exercise your brain by building concentration, problem solving, and logical reasoning. There are three different themes available: Pirates, Robots, and Unicorns. Each theme contains 3 different puzzles with 3 levels of difficulty. 

The first level is an inside-out puzzle. Players must make the picture match around the cube. The second level is a bit trickier and players must arrange the cube so that colors and shapes are not the same on any side. Lastly, the most difficult puzzle is a path puzzle, where players must match colors of a path (treasure map, circuit board, or rainbow) all along the cube.

Sound easy? Not quite! In fact, our 8 year old toy tester was faster at completing each puzzle than an adult! Completing each Block Chain sharpens the thinking process and our kid toy tester showed mental flexibility, or the ability to think of something in more than one way. 

Brainteasers are excellent tools for enhancing cognitive flexibility, along with improving concentration and memory. Solving any level of Block Chain also required use of spatial recognition and pattern awareness, which are also key skills to help abstract thinking, visualizing verbal information, and recognizing how details are related to big picture ideas.

As our 6, 8, and 10 year old toy testers sifted through each puzzle, there was plenty of conversation happening simultaneously as they shared strategies and engaged in “self-talk” to direct them to a solution. “It’s easier to see all the patterns if you hold it in an L instead of a straight line,” said our 8 year-old Block Chain speedster. 

Block Chain offers critical thinking entertainment, along with logical reasoning, problem solving, and practicing cognitive flexibility. It’s a great screen-free option to exercise the brain in the car, at a restaurant, or anytime!